Texas: One Hundred and Forty People Sick Due to Apparent Gas Leak

The officials reported that about one hundred and forty staff members and students are admitted to hospital and receiving treatment after the leakage of carbon monoxide gas at a high school in South East Texas. The incident happened on Thursday. The emergency personnel of Beaumont told that adults and children are given treatment for injuries on Thursday. They were from the Marshall Middle School and provided treatment on the same day. It is believed that the injuries are not life threatening.

The officials at the Victory Medical Center, Christus South East Texas Saint Elizabeth Hospital, and Baptist Beaumont Hospital reported that more than one hundred and nine patients who were school students of Marshall Middle School were given treatment for the toxic gas exposure. No students and staff members of the school were admitted to the hospital. The Beaumont fire rescue officers told that they approached the paramedics immediately when one of the students lost consciousness.

Several faculty and students reported experiencing symptoms like headaches and nausea after they were exposed to the carbon monoxide gas. The district officers of Beaumont school investigated the case and had found that there is a leakage in the gas boiler. They have left it without noticing, and it has resulted in leakage. Due to the leakage incident, the Friday classes were canceled in the school. Further investigations are still going on to explain the case.

The case is still in the evaluation stage. The good news is the gas leakage has not resulted in serious consequences. It has caused mild effects to the school officials and students.

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