English Teacher was Arrested in California

The English teacher who has been teaching English has helped the jail inmates to escape, and she has been detained on suspicion. Though there was maximum security in the jail, the three inmates have escaped last Friday. The officials of Orange County Sheriff told the escaped would be surviving in a van that was stolen. Lt. Jeff Hallock told the press report that Nooshafarin Ravaghi was teaching English to inmates. English is a second language taught to inmates. He told that they would have received maps from the English teacher, and that have helped them to escape their way away from the jail of Orange County Central Men last Friday.

Ravaghi is an English teacher. She taught English and worked for Rancho Santiago Community College District. She was teaching to the inmates for more than six months in the jail. Hallock is doubtful that some form of relationship would have developed between the inmates and teacher and that remains the reason for escape. He is doubtful that there could be some close relationship developed between the two. He is not sure whether the relationship is a kind of romance.

Ravaghi did not agree with the fact that she has offered tools or materials to the inmates. Hallock told the reporters that he was doubtful on Ravaghi. He doubts that she would have given Google Maps and helped the inmates to escape indirectly. It is the only way for the inmates to track the route and move out of the jail.

Hallock believes that the escaped inmates are still living in California. They have robbed a white van in South Los Angeles on Friday. There are chances for them to live in the van and hide within the California.

The officials have arrested more than ten people because of their escape. They have arrested to find some evidence about the inmates.

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