Random Attack on the Subway and Woman was Slashed

The authorities told that there has been another attack on the city train in previous two days. It is the third attack where a woman was slashed while she was traveling in the city rain. The police officials said that a twenty-nine-year-old woman was badly hurt due to the cut on her hand. It was made by a person who has also traveled with her in the southbound three trains. The incident happened around 9.30 PM. It occurred last Tuesday.

The man had told the woman before cutting her hand that he would chop her up on the train. The woman told it to the police officials. It seems he has used a sharp object to cut the woman’s hand. He has wrapped the object in a small piece of cloth. After cutting her hands, he had run away from the train that was passing towards the Atlantic Avenue station.

The police officials immediately rescued the victim and took her to a nearby hospital. She was taken to the hospital for treating the two-inch gash made by an unknown person. The police have the images and videos of the person. They are searching day and night to find the suspect. The suspect weighs approximately 175 pounds. He is about 5 foot and 9 inches in height. When he was seen on the train, he was wearing camouflage pants, green hat, and a black jacket. The victim was taken to local hospital and given treatment. The police officers told that this was the third incident happening in the last two days.

Natalie Lewis is twenty-nine years old and was traveling with her sister in the three trains at 9.30 PM. The man had told Lewis that he will chop her, and she cannot do anything by just shouting. The police officials are in search of the attacker.