Vince Young to Continue with Texas

The personal life of a popular sportsperson has made big news. Recently, Vince Young was in the news for bad reasons. He was arrested for drunk and driving. Arrested during late Sunday, police said that he was arrested and charged, after finding his speech was slurred. Vince Young tendered apology through this Facebook page. Despite the arrest, the University of Texas said that Vince Young will not lose his job and will continue his stint. Meanwhile, the Longhorn Network, where Vince Young works as an analyst, did not mention anything whether he will be employed or not.

Aged 32, Vince Young has played in NFL for six years. Young was hired in the year 2014 by Texas for promoting social activities. The noteworthy thing is that he is paid nearly a whopping amount of $100,000 yearly by the school. Gary Susswein, the spokesman of Texas, confirmed that Young will keep up his job in the school. It is not sure whether the arrest of Vince Young will impact his career in big time. In the recent years, many popular sportspeople were caught in various controversies and have been arrested for different reasons. It should be noted many sportsperson have damaged their career due to unlawful activities. It is a general opinion of people that public figure should behave with more responsibility and should be an example.