Tyler Sash had high level of CTE

According to the report by The New York Times, Tyler Sash had an extremely higher level of CTE at the time of his death on September 27. He was formerly playing for New York Giants, and he was aged 27 when this incident happened. It is said that he died due to the overdose of painkillers, which was accidental. His brain is going to be donated for the study on chronic traumatic encephalopathy. According to the reports made by Times, Concussion Legacy Foundation has informed the Sash family CTE was found in the brain of Tyler, and the existence of the disease can be concluded after the death. It is also said that it is very rare for anyone to have such an advanced stage of disease at this very young age.

The severity of CTE varies from 0 to 4. Sash had reached Stage 2, which was the stage reached by Junior Seau, who committed suicide at the age of 43. The presence of CTE was also confirmed by Chris Nowinski to the Associated Press, who works for Concussion Legacy Foundation.

Times report says that Sash was suffering from memory loss, the confusion that made him difficult to find a good job after he was expelled by the Giants in the year 2013. Sash’s mother told that diagnosis of a high level of CTE helped her now to realize the behavior change of Sash. Sash, during his stint with Giants, was suspended for four matches as he was found positive for consuming performance enhancement drug. It has to be noted that CTE is found in the brain of various football players.