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No matter how many times you turn that garbage disposal on, if it’s clogged, it’s not going to work. How will you know it’s clogged if you don’t try it? If your sink is full of dirty water and food, that’s a pretty good indication. It,s terrible annoying that one small issue can create such an uproar. special if you don’t get to it right away and let it ferment. Right then it also will start stinking, now it’s prime time to call your Local Plumber!

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Garbage disposals are a great little convenience to have in your home, but when they don’t work they’re just a pain. Special if you stick your hand in them while they are running, that will cut your finger nails right down. If your are lucky. Just saying. If your disposal is acting up, it could be because of:

A Jammed Grinder

Something Stuck In The Grinding Plates

Misuse Hmm?

A Failed Electrical Connection

A Tripped Reset Button you should be able to fix that

Excess Food Remnants

Even if you are daring enough to stick your hand down the disposal to grab a fallen utensil, you shouldn’t attempt to fix it on your own. You could make the existing problem worse, or cause potential harm to yourself. Our trained technicians know the correct way to handle a faulty garbage disposal.

Many issues – like jams and clogs – are easy to remedy. We simply remove the problem and return your garbage disposal to normal. If, however, your appliance has reached the end of it’s useful life, has an electrical problem, or a blown motor, replacement is the better option.How to Avoid Problems In The Future

You may think that because you have a garbage disposal, you can throw any type of food down the drain without pause. But that is a common misconception. Here is a list of items that should never be put in your disposal:

Potato Skins

Whole Fruits Or Vegetables

Non-Food Items Such As Silverware, Bones And Dirt

Fat Or Grease



Stringy Vegetables Such As Celery
Now please do avoid putting these things down the drain to your disposal. You can safe some real money. But if you don’t learn call us, we will fix it one more time
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